Saturday, January 16, 2016

I finally got my way. Twin is Banned!

Hi Everyone!

I just heard today that Summer Bloom and Splinter Twin are banned in Modern. Bloom was unfun to play against and turn 2 kills should never happen in Modern. Most of the message boards I read showed people accepting of the Bloom ban but complain a lot about the Splinter Twin ban.

I'm going to explain why everyone who thinks this is a mistake is absolutely 100% wrong.

Aside: First I want to say to all those complaining about how Twin is the defining deck of Modern and twin IS modern, etc; That IS THE PROBLEM!!!! No single card should be the definition of a format. If there's a card that must be played to be competitive, that format is imbalanced and should be allowed to have decks that don't need one specific card to be competitive. A format with a defining card or deck is not a sign of a healthy format, it is a sign of an unhealthy format.

Now on to the real reason Twin was banned.

Let's take a trip down memory lane to why Pod was banned.Pod made ALL decks with creatures better. This means that 60 cards (assuming it's a creature deck) without Pod is worse 100% of the time than the same creature deck with Pod.

Twin is the same  thing but for decks with red and blue. Jeskai Control gets beter 100% of the time by running Twin. Wizards even said that Temur used to be a tempo deck, now it's a tempo deck with Twin. When a card makes a deck better 100% of the time, it shouldn't be in the format unless you want a format where you must play the card that makes decks better to be competitive.

If you're having a hard time seeing what I'm explaining, or you just disagree, think of this. What decks would play Black Lotus if it were legal in Modern? All of them, no exception. It's good all the time for every deck. If it existed in Modern every deck would need it to have the same power level as other similar or otherwise identical decks. It's an extreme example but when decks with red and blue are always better with Twin, it's time to go.

One last note. It's my personal preference, but my biggest criticism of Modern was that to be competitive a combo kill is required (Melira/Kiki Pod, Twin) made the format into two distinct camps, combo decks, and  decks that don't have a reasonable chance of winning.

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