Sunday, November 9, 2014

MTGO Library (ML Bot) v4 official Bot Manual

Welcome to the MTGO Library Bot (or simply ML Bot) manual. This online manual will guide you through the steps to setup your bot and get it running, starting from the basic concepts till the fine tuning. 

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  1. Introduction
    1. What is MTGO Library?
  2. Bot Requirements 
    1. What is required to run ML Bot?
  3. Bot structure - What's the difference between Lite and Pro bot?
    1. Pro and Lite bot
  4. Bot  Interface - An in depth explanation of the bot user interface options.
    1. General Tab
    2. Collection Tab
    3. Price Limits Tab
    4. Administrator Tab
    5. Messages Tab 
    6. Account Tab
  5. Control panel - An in depth explanation of the control panel features.
    1. Dashboard
    2. Trade log
    3. Profits
    4. Card log
    5. Transaction Fee
    6. Buy and Sell prices
    7. Personal Price list
    8. Sharing Collection
    9. Collection
    10. Credits
    11. Sharing credits
    12. Messages
    13. Blacklist 
    14. Over Protection rules
    15. Buy/Sell Consistency 
    16. Webshop API
    17. Buy & Sell Prices
  6. Card Pricing - How do Personalprices and Personalpercentages work?
    1. Personalprices
    2. Personalpercentages
    3. Wiki Price API
  7. Bot pricing - Explanation of different pricing options. 
    1. Pro license subscription
    2. Lite license subscription
    3. 2.5%-3.5% fee
    4. Lifetime Licenses
  8. Virtualization
    1. Explanation on how to set up a virtual machine.

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