Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pauper Gauntlet S03R01 Week One

The Pauper Gauntlet has started!

All about the Pauper Gauntlet Season 03:
All the deck lists:

The first week of round one

If you read further than this, you will get results spoiled. That is probably why you are here, though.

Catch the matches when they are published on Twitter: @MagicGathStrat
Watch them on youtube:
Also make sure you subscribe to magicgatheringstrat2 on YouTube for more matches.

Ok, lets get into details.

The Green One opened round one against Orzhov Soldiers, defeating them 2-1.
Mono Red Heroic, another top 10 deck from last year, got a third turn kill and won the match against BUG Control 2-1.
Slivers just ran over Grixis Delver 2-0.
Living End lost against Domain Landfall 1-2 and now have to face elimination in round two.
Rakdos Vampires, the people's choice from the Pauper Rogue Cup, lost against RG Landfall 1-2.

Mono Red Land Destruction lost again Hexproof 0-2.
Izzet Cooldotha defeated Esper Trinket 2-0 and move directly to round three.
Pestilence Control faced the unlikely mirror but won 2-0.
Cheaty Morph lost against Dimir Control 0-2.
Selesnya Flash won against an Affinity quitter 2-0

Kuldotha Mardu showed itself as a true contender, crushing Mono Green Tron 2-0
Death Control ate the WW Tokens 2-0
Encroaching Blight totally crushed JeskaiKitty 2-0 impressing me greatly.
MUC got a bye from a quitter 2-0
Eggs took on RWB Kuldotha and lost 1-2.
RUG Tron faced the White Metalcraft deck and won 2-1

Gary Busey got drunk and abused some Selesnya Lifegain deck 2-0.
UG Madness defeated DelverFiend 2-1.
Bant Fog managed to defeat Naya Blue 2-0 despite me making 30+ mistakes to Pierakor's great dismay.
UB Justice Control lost against MBC 1-2 somehow.
Sultai Delve got flinged to death twice by Affinity 0-2.

A Mono Blue Tron deck was overwhelmed by Flying Ninjas and fled the field.
Mono Black Land Destruction could not take away the resources of Hexproof and lost 0-2.
Affinity crushed some Thallids on the way to the factory 2-0
Dragon Delve got crushed by Turbo Angler 0-2.
Goblins ran over a burn deck so fast that it was scary 2-0
Black Auramancer, the winner of the Pauper Rogue Cup, defeated Mono Green 2-0

25 matches played. 16 wins. 9 losses. 43 matches to go until we are done with round one.

Round one will probably take 3-4 weeks to complete. As the winners do not play in round two, the second round will be significantly faster.

What happens to the decks that lost?
Round one and round two are double elimination so round two will have the losers play yet another match in the JFF room. If the decks win they move to round three (which will be tougher!) where they will join the winners of round one.

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Modern Mayhem

If you are wondering why prices of Modern staples are raising lately the Modern Mayhem is the reason. It is a one-time large Modern event happening Sunday, December 6 at 8am Pacific with spectacular prizes:
  • 1st Place: 4 Modern Masters sets, 4 Modern Masters 2015 Edition sets, 6 Qualifier Points
  • 2nd Place:Modern Masters sets, 2 Modern Masters 2015 Edition sets, 5 Qualifier Points 
  • 3rd-4th Place:Modern Masters set, 1 Modern Masters 2015 Edition set, 4 Qualifier Points 
  • 5th-8th Place:Modern Masters set, 3 Qualifier Points 
  • 9th-16th Place: 300 Play Points

In my opinion it is good time now to sell some overpriced cards, like Grove of the Burnwillows or other.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pauper Gauntlet competitor #62 Mono Green Tokens

What if we played Stompy but just had many more creatures? This deck was originally by Deluxeicoff but was requested by patrons of (anyone who contributes get to make video request) and submitted to the Pauper Gauntlet by one such patron.

There is no SB plan and no play instructions, so if anyone want to help out with those I will be most grateful.

Here is a video of the deck made on a patron request.

Deck list

16 Forest
4 Khalni Garden
4 Might of the Masses
4 Nettle Sentinel
4 Tukatongue Thallid
4 Young Wolf
4 Sprout Swarm
4 Scatter the Seeds
2 Safehold Elite
4 Fists of Ironwood
4 Essence Warden
4 Nest Invader
4 Scion of the Wild

3 Sylvok Lifestaff
3 Moment’s Peace
3 Spidersilk Armor
2 Night Soil
4 Gleeful Sabotage

Sunday, November 22, 2015

MTGO Library Bot 10.50 - PZ1

We have just released ML Bot 10.59.
It contains a couple of minor bug fixes and it supports the new Legendary Cube (PZ1) set.

As usual the pricelist is already available online and for free during the update process. Lite bots should update as well because the pricelist is needed to load the card names.

Oath of the Gatewatch - leak

The images of a new Kozilek and a couple lands have been floating around the internet this week. Some people claim that these cards are indeed real, what would be a total breakthrough, because images show a new basic land type "Wastes".

So, it is time to speculate what this diamond shape mana may mean. The theory, that I like the most, is you must obligatory spend colorless mana to cast a spell with "Wastes" symbol in converted mana cost. Meaning "Wastes" produces colorless mana and it is not the sixth color.

But then the question is why it was not implemented along with Battle for Zendikar. It would fit perfectly to cards like Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger or other. Introducing it in the small set Oath of the Gatewatch might smash the theory presented before. On the othe hand, Phyrexian mana was in small set too..

What do you think?

The Decks of the Pauper Gauntlet S03

A lot of decks are ready to start running the Pauper Gauntlet (Season 3) today. Today I will tell you about a competition between the spectators (that is: YOU GUYS) and present the list of decks for this season.

What is the Pauper Gauntlet?

The Pauper Gauntlet is a race between decks, trying to survive the longest against random opponents.

For full details read this:

How can you win a prize watching the Pauper Gauntlet?

Well, to make things interesting you all get to choose a deck to champion. That means that you are the person rooting for that deck. Only one person can be the champion of a deck and the first one to claim a deck gets it. You can only claim one deck per person (no multiple accounts please) and you claim the deck by writing something like this in the comments to this blog post: "I claim Pink Pants. My name is Sam and my MTGO username is VaultBoyHunter".

For you to become champion you have to state some sort of name, have a gmail account and give me your MTGO username so I am sure I give the prize to the right person.

What is the price? The price is 1oo bot credits on the mtgotickets bot chain. Please visit our sponsor Mtgotickets, new customers receive 10 tickets for $8. Click on this link to check out mtgotickets

If you want to sponsor the Gauntlet and add to this prize, contact me. 

The decks of the Pauper Gauntlet S03

Full deck lists and information about the deck is available if you click the links. 

There are 78 decks in the third season, making it the biggest Pauper Gauntlet ever!

This season I did not limit entry strictly by color so certain color combinations are overrepresented. This is mainly due to the decks being innovative even though sharing colors with other decks. If you feel that this should be more stricly limited next season, please let me know in the comments below.

All deck names are decided by the brewers in almost all cases.

If you are scared by the sheer number of decks, remember two things; First, the Gauntlet will eliminate a lot of decks if they are bad at an early state (round 3-4 probably) and second, I can handle it. I am ready to play a giganormous amount of Pauper matches. If you feel you can't stand to watch the bulk of the matches, just tune in for round 5 and onwards.

Also make sure you subscribe to (MagicGatheringStrat2) as that is the channel that will have the bulk of the Pauper Gauntlet videos. Also the twitter account @MagicGathStrat will tweet whenever a video goes up on MagicGatheringStrat or MagicGatheringStrat2

If you find any deck missing, any link that does not work or any other problem, please let me know in the comments below. 

The decks that made Top 10 last year (10)

Some of these have slightly different lists, are captained by other people than the original brewer and one of them is even an orphan but they are the top 10 decks from Season Two of the Pauper Gauntlet

Affinity: Captained by MagicMonkey.
Bugs & Pigs: By Galactic President.
Burn: Captained By Galactic President.
Exhume Control: Originally by ShaffaWaffa5. Captained by rrmedio1.
Familiars: Orphan. Hated by everyone.
Goblins: Captained by jphsnake.
Green One: By Deluxeicoff.
Mono Red Heroic: By jphsnake.
Rebel Grind. By Aught3.
Stompy: Captained by Carnuz.

Random fact: Stompy and Goblins are the onlys deck that managed to get a top 10 finish both in S01 and S02. Stompy also won S02. It is probably the favorite this year.

The decks from the Pauper Rogue Cup (5)
This was a live qualificaition tournament run in Spain for rogue decks. More info here:

Black Auramancer. By Santi Postigo.
Pestilence Control: By Felix Iorente.
Izzet Cooldotha: By Hashnak.
Red Land Destruction: By Juan Fernandez.
Rakdos Vampires: By Domingo Moreno.

Mono Black Decks (5)
Mono Black Land Destruction by Mario.
Death Control by Etiens:
Encroaching Blight by Paup Dacon:
Mono Black Control by Mario:
Suicide Black by Etiens: 

Mono Blue Decks (4)
Blue Bichinho by Nicholas Sudyka:
Delver by VaultBoyHunter:
Illusory Tricks by Bava:
MUC by Mario:

Mono Green Decks (5)
Elves by punninglinguist:
Green Grifters by Michael Gray:
Green Ramp LD by patou454:
Infect by NewHJ:
Stompy Tokens

Mono Red Decks (1)
Glass Cannon Red:
There are four other mono red decks already: Burn, Mono Red Heroic, Goblins, Red Land Destruction (see above)

Mono White Decks (4)
Cyborgs by jphsnake:
The Pauper Gauntlet by jphsnake:
White Heroes by PaternaMagicTeam:
WW Soul Tokens by Bava:

Azorius (UW) decks (2)
Counter-Kitty by Power_T:
Rhystic Tron by Obzen:

Boros (RW) decks (1)
BorosKitty initiated by Galactic President:

Dimir (BU) decks (4)
Flying Ninjas by Michael Gray:
Turbo Angler by VaultBoyHunter:
UB Justice Control by Ali Randali:
UB Trinket Control:

Golgari (BG) decks (4)
Project X:
Tortured Madness by Patrick Carr:
Tortured Toolbox by VaultBoyHunter: 
Aristocrats by Paul Jones:

Gruul (GR) decks (2)
RG Land Crusher by WoRMaSTeR:
RG Landfall by jphsnake:

Izzet (RU) decks (3)
DelverFiend by VaultBoyHunter:
Eggs by PaternaMagicTeam:
Goblin Storm Combo by Ryan:

Orzhov (BW) decks (1)
Spiteful Leeches by Bava:

Rakdos (BR) decks (2)
Gary Busey by Power_T:
Pauper Nightmare by MagicMonkey:

Selesnya (GW) decks (2)
Selesnya Flash by Matt Priour:
Slivers by Brennon:

Simic (GU) decks (4)
Love Train by jphsnake:
Simic Oracle by Michael Gray:
Shroudfang Ninja by rrmedio1:
UG Madness by Etiens:

Abzan (BGW) decks (2)
Abzan Grindhouse by Citynoise:
Cheaty Morph by Nate Spires:

Bant (GUW) decks (2)
Bant Sword and Shield by Paul Jones:
Bant Fog by pierakor:

Jund (BGR) decks (2)
Crocajund by keixoun:
Living End by Mr Small:

Mardu decks (1)
Kuldotha Mardu by MadTricks:

Sultai (BGU) decks (5)
BUG Profilerators by Michael Gray:
Evil Allies by jphsnake:
Land-o-derm by rrmedio1:
Pig Trinket by Power_T:
Sultai Delve by Keixoun:

Temur (GRU) decks (1)
RUG Tron by VaultBoyHunter:

Decks of many colors (6)
1-land Spy: 
5-color Green:
Dragon Delve by NewHJ:
Snow-Go by Obzen:
TurboKitty Zoo:
Turbo Exhume by Tobias:

What happens now?
Pick your deck to champion and lean back and enjoy the ride here and on the MagicGatheringStrat and MagicGatheringStrat2 YouTube channels. This is going to take a while. First, two rounds of double elimination against easier opposition. This means that only decks that lose both the match in round 1 and round 2 are eliminated before round 3 (last year only 3 decks were eliminated). The two rounds of double elimination will hopefully give me time to learn the more complicated decks I have not played before. 

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Friday, November 20, 2015

They should change the deck name to Karn

Hi everyone,
Contrary to what the image above shows, I'm not talking about Karn specifically. In fact, all I know is that Urza (probably) or maybe Mishra built him way back in Urza Block but somehow later went and created Mirrodin. I'm not even sure that's  right. In fact, I'd bet against me being right on all that.

Karn is an important card in Tron decks in Modern. I'm not a fan of Modern. That said, I have been playing Modern a lot lately because I finally shelled out the cash for a playset of Grove of the Burnwillows (read Dans series on RG Tron if you want a great explanation of why Grove is essential when there are other land options).

I always felt like Tron was a deck that just mindlessly played big spells. There's no finess or skill, just big spells. I also always felt hopeless playing against tron with a non-tron deck. In my playing two things surprised me greatly.

The first surprise was that the amount of hopelessness my opponent felt does not equal the amount of hope I felt. I was surprised when I played literally one spell in the game (granted it was Karn or Ugin somewhere on turn 4 or 5) and my opponent would scoop. Sometimes they even had enough power on the board to kill my planeswalker. It was crazy. I thought it would make me feel unstoppable but there were plenty of reasonable things (that my opponent never seemed to have) that I could lose to.

The other assumption I made before playing the deck was that to play Tron the object is get tron as fast as possible and play big spells, like some kind of unintelligent brute. I will tell you, It did not dissappoint. Aside from minimal occassional thinking Tron played its self. Plan A is play planeswalkers and giant creatures. plan B is use Eye of Ugin and land searchers to find Emrakul and enough mana to cast him.

When I believe in Magic

Hi Everyone,
I'm not a fan of Standard but I am a fan of all the eternal formats. I remember playing Magic in Junior   High when there were two kinds of deck, control and decks that lose to control. Wizards kept Magic fresh and pushed the envelope (for the time) and kept people interesting. There were mistakes that could have been avoided. Magic managed to survive and grew to be the phenomenon it is today.

Why have other card games not seen the same success? I think some of it had to do with Magic being the first of it's kind. It is the first collectible card game. Don't get me wrong, Magic is the best game ever, but what kept it alive during Combo Winter (Urza Block Standard) and the dominance of Ravager Affinity in Mirrodin Standard and even the awful Kamigawa Standard that followed.

I also think the times Magic was worst (excluding Kamigawa) Magic still had one thing. I've talked about it before and I think it's so big that it can't be overlooked here. It's that Magic always explores and area of fantasy that hasn't been beaten into the ground already. I just wanted to talk about the best game ever for a little even though it's had some rough spots along the road.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

ML Bot is now "Free for non-commercial use"

Since 2007, ML Bot has been a paid bot: you could either purchase a license or pay the rental fee of 2.5%.  We are happy to announce that today we make a big shift: we decided to make ML Bot "free for non commercial use". 

What does it mean? It means that if you  use the bot on a small scale (for example to sell your leftover draft cards) you will not pay to use the bot. If your trading will be low enough and do not exceed 5 tixs in rental fees in 30 days, the fees will be zeroed automatically. This amounts, more or less, to the buying and selling of 200 tix worth of cards in a month. At the end of the month our servers will cancel the rental fees automatically and start you back from zero. You will be notified via email when this happens.

The core idea is that if you are just using the bot as a little shop to resell few cards or sell your draft leftovers, you pay nothing. We give you the client, the server, and wikiprice - for free.
If you are a little shop the extra 2.5% margin can give you more freedom, you can try different strategies like squeezing your margins to get more traffic or using higher margins to buy new hardware or inventory. A whole new world of possibility awaits, enjoy!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Which decks do you want to see in the Pauper Gauntlet S03? Vote here!

For a full explanation of what the Pauper Gauntlet is look here:

71 decks are qualified for the Pauper Gaunlet S03. They will be presented in my article here on Sunday. The Champion competition - in which you can win 100 bot credits from - will also begin on Sunday and be in that Sunday article.

Now its time for you to decide seven more decks that will get into the third season of the Pauper Gauntlet.

During Open Deck Submission some decks did not receive a "yes" or a "no". They were simply put on hold. Here I will list those decks and explain why they were not accepted into the Gauntlet.

Its now up to you to decide which decks you want in the Gauntlet.

You get THREE VOTES per person. No cheating. Vote for the three decks you want to see in the Pauper Gauntlet. The seven decks with the most votes get in.

Voting will close on Friday November 20th 9 AM GMT+1.

Here are the 14 candidates:

5-color Green:
Shyft4's crazy deck made it very far in the first season of the Pauper Gauntlet. Do you want to see it again?

BG Ivy Combo:
Original? You decide. I felt it was quite similar to Project X.

Darker Ping
Mono Red Ping had a suprising run last season and this is the latest evolution of that deck. 

Extort Control:
Who doesn't love Extort? We haven't seen a deck trying to abuse it since Gray Ghost in season one of the Pauper Gauntlet.

Glass Cannon Red:
This deck has the most popular Pauper video on with a turn two kill (which apparently is more fun than a turn one kill which we also have on video with another deck). Its original creator jphsnake did not submit it this year (it was also in season two), probably because Mono Red Heroic (a top 10 deck that is in this year) has evolved to look very similar to this.

Green Grifters:
Green Grifters had an amazing run last season and in the end I will let you vote if you want to see it try again this year.

Mono Green Ramp LD:
We have a Mono Black LD, Mono Red LD and RG Crusher LD in the Pauper Gauntlet this year. I have no problem playing another LD deck AND it is somewhat fitting to let this deck in during BFZ block, isn't it?

Orzhov Tron:
Tobias has played this deck on video on MagicGatheringStrat and we have very few Tron decks in the Pauper Gauntlet this year (only RUG Tron I think).

Persistently Undying:
Nothing ever truly dies. Or at least it does not die once.

Suicide Black:
All the other colors have better aggro decks with creatures as powerful without needing to take damage. Still you guys seem to love this deck for some reason so here it is for your consideration.

Temur Freed Combo:
Love Train (a Freed from the Real combo deck) is already in (again). Do you want another Freed from the Real combo deck?

Thunder Trees
There are a couple of similar grindy midrange lists in the Gauntlet but maybe you like to see one hour grindfests?

Tortured Toolbox:
This deck was also in season two and there are already other Tortured Existence decks that are in. They are not exactly the same as this deck though.

Do not vote for this deck. Who am I kidding? Vote for whatever you want. I will play it if I must.

Please weigh in the quality of the sideboard plans and play instructions when you make your decision.

Brewers, if you want your deck to win the Pauper Gauntlet S03, make sure you add mulligan tips to your deck description as well. Whatever you can do to help me play your deck better will help.

The vote is yours. Use it wisely.

Please visit our sponsor Mtgotickets, new customers receive 10 tickets for $8. Click on this link to check out mtgotickets

MTGO Library Bot 10.57

We have just released ML Bot 10.57. The update contains some minor fixes, in particular we fixed a crash happening on the background price updater while loading oversell protection.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

MTGO shortcuts

Time is a precious asset, once it runs out the game is over. Time taken off the clock cannot be recovered, so I'm presenting all shortcuts that offer us MTGO. Most of these will probably be well known by people who’ve used MTGO a lot, but I think some of you may find this information very useful.

F2 - Pass priority once.

F4 - Pass priority for the rest of the turn or until your opponent does anything or you’re prompted to attack or block.

F6 - Pass priority for the rest of the turn, unless you’re prompted to attack or block. Use this when you have nothing and you don’t want to bluff.

F7 - Place all triggers on the stack automatically. .

F8 - Pass priority for the rest of the game.

F3 - Cancel all previous "F" buttons.

F9 - Shortcut for choosing “Yes.”

F10 - Shortcut for choosing “No.”

Holding M while tapping a land for mana will make it automatically use the mana ability printed first on the card. This is particularly useful with painlands as they’ll tap for colorless.

Ctrl + U or Ctrl + Z - Undo the previous mana tap.

Holding down the Ctrl while casting a spell will maintain priority and allow you to cast another spell before giving your opponent a chance to respond.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The decks Power_T submitted to the Pauper Gauntlet S03

The Pauper Gauntlet Open Deck Submission is going on right now. Check it out here:

You can submit a deck until noon GMT+2 November 17th 2015. Hurry! Hurry! Because has problem handling too many comments (it worked fine last year) you can now also submit your decks in the comments to this article. Please do read the original article first

Power_T is a player who has been quite important for my magic career. Lets see;  He built UB Trinket Control which was the first deck played on my YouTube channel. He taught me Magic back in the Viking Age. He coached me into winning Nationals. He is my buddy and co-host of the podcast Game of Thrones Chat.

Yes, I do a podcast about Game of Thrones with Power_T. You can find it here:

On top of all that the guy is also one of the recurring brewers in the Pauper Gauntlet.

This year he has submitted three decks and none of the decks that he submitted last year (!).

These are his three deck and his own words about them. Power_T, you have the mic!

Background: For followers of the Pauper Gauntlet, Azorius Kitty (AZK) is a familiar deck. Last year two different versions was included in it. I used to play this deck a lot but then I stopped. Part of the reason for that was that I felt that other decks had evolved, grown stronger, making AZK relatively weaker.Therefore I decided to change my version of AZK as well, as you can see from the decklist. If I actually succeeded in making it better, well I guess I am not really sure.

22 Lands: 2 Azorius Chancery, 2 Azorius Guildgate, 1 Halimar Depths, 8 Island, 2 Kabira Crossroads, 3 plains, 4 Tranquil Cove
19 Creatures: 4 Dream Stalker, 4 Kor Skyfisher, 3 Lone Missionary, 4 Sunscape Familiar, 4 Mulldrifter
20 spells: 4 Counterspell, 4 Journey to Nowhere, 2 Prophetic Prism, 4 Spreading Seas, 3 Reality Acid, 2 Capsize, 1 Deep Analysis

15 SB: 2 Hydroblast, 2 COP: Green, 2 Last Breath, 2 Reprisal, 3 Negate, 3 Holy Light, 1 Deep Analysis

SB plan
Affinity -1 deep, -1 acid, -1 prism, -1 capsize+2 hydro, +2 reprisal
(UB)(Turbo) Angler -1 missionary, -1 acid -4 familiar, +3 negate, +2 reprisal, +1 deep
Boroskitty -1 journey, -1 lone missionary, -1 sunscape familiar, -1 stalker, +2 last breath, +2 hydroblast (not sure about this plan)
Burn -4 journey, -2 acid, -1 deep, +2 hydro, +3 negate, +2 last breath
Delver -3 acid, -2 capsize, -2 missionary, -1 stalker, +1 deep, +3 holy light, +2 last breath, +2 negate
Delverfiend +2 hydro, +2 last breath, +2 reprisal, +2 negate, +1 deep, -3 acid, -2 capsize, -4 familiar
Elves -3 missionary, -2 journey, +3 holy light, +2 last breath
(UWB) Familiars -3 missionary, -1 deep, -1 stalker, -3 journey, +2 last breath, +3 holy light, +3 negate,
(Turbo) Fog/Mill -4 journey, +3 negate, +1 deep
Goblins -1 deep, -3 acid, -1 familiar, +2 hydro, +3 holy light
GW Hexproof -4 journey, -3 missionary, -1 deep, +2 COP: Green, +3 holy light, +3 negate
MBC -2 familiar, +1 deep, +1 last breath
Stompy -1 deep, -1 acid, +2 COP: Green (Not sure here)
G Tron -3 missionary, +1 deep, +2 reprisal
RUG Tron -3 missionary, -1 deep, +2 negate, +2 reprisal
UB Control (some creatures) -3 missionary, -1 familiar, +3 negate, +1 deep

UB Control (no creatures) -4 journey, +3 negate, +1 deep

Gary Busey LD
Background: The inspiration for this deck was the monoblack LD deck showcased in last years Pauper Gauntlet. 
Name: Originally the name was BR Flashback. Then I saw a clip where actor Gary Busey goes ”We'll be back in a flash with more of this thrash”. So I changed the deck to Gary Busey LD.Playing the deck: You can beat anything as long as they don't draw enough lands. You can also lose to anything if they do draw enough lands. The deck is no powerhouse but it does ok.I like playing the deck because it is different and, well, it is mine. Some people will hate you for playing LD. If you can't deal with that, don't play this deck.
Link to the gary busey clip (Check it out at 3.45):

22 land: 1 mountain, 5 swamp, 2 radiant fountain, 4 rakdos carnarium, 4 bloodfell caves, 3 bojuka bog, 3 terramorphic expanse
14 creatures: 4 cuombaij witches, 2 crypt rats, 4 phyrexian rager, 4 chittering rats
25 spells: 4 firebolt, 4 dark ritual, 3 unearth, 4 chainers edict, 4 rancid earth, 2 stone rain, 4 earth rift

15 SB: 1 unearth, 3 gorilla shaman, 3 pyroblast, 1 pestilence, 3 oubliette, 4 gary

Affinity: -10 LD, -2 cuombaij,  +1 unearth, +3 gorilla shaman, + 1 pestilence, +3 oubliette, +4 gary
(Random) Aggro: -9 LD (keep 1 rancid), +1 unearth, +1 pestilence, +3 oubliette, +4 gary
Boros Cyborg: -10 LD, +2 gorilla shaman, +1 unearth, +3 oubliette, +4 gary
Boroskitty: -2 Stone Rain, -4 Rancid Earth, +3 Gorilla Shaman, +1 Unearth, +2 Gary. (Not sure about this plan)
R Burn: -4 chainer's, -4 firebolt,+4 gary, +1 pestilence, +1 unearth, +2 oubliette
Delver: -10 LD, +3 pyroblast, +1 pestilence, +3 oubliette, +3 gary
Delverfiend: -10 LD, +3 pyroblast, +1 pestilence, +3 oubliette, +1 unearth, +2 gary
Elves: -4 earth rift, -2 stone rain, -2 rancid earth, +3 oubliette, +1 pestilence, +1 unearth, +3 gary
Esper Familiars: -4 chittering rats, +3 pyroblast, +1 pestilence
Goblins: = Random aggro
Kuldotha Jeskai: -4 cuombaijj, -2 stone rain, +3 gorilla shaman, +3 gary
Hexproof (Bogles): -4 firebolt, +1 pestilence, +1 unearth, +2 gary
Izzet Control: -10 LD, -2 cuombaij, +3 pyroblast, +1 unearth, +1 pestilence, +3 oubliette, +4 gary
MBC: -4 cuombaij, +1 unearth, +3 gary
Stompy: = Random aggro
Tron (G): -4 cuombaij, +3 oubliette, +1 unearth,
Tron (RUG): -4 cuombaij, -4 firebolt, +3 oubliette, +2 gary, +3 pyroblast

Ugw Turbomill: -4 chainer's, -2 crypt rats, -2 firebolt, +3 pyroblast, +4 gary, +1 pestilence

Pig Trinket
As you may know, I used to play a lot of UB Trinket. Eventually I stopped though. I guess I grew a little tired of the deck. Then I saw Dan play a deck in the Pauper Gauntlet called BUGs and Pigs.I liked that deck, so I started playing it, as well as tinkering with the list. Then someone wrote in a comment to one of Dan's videos that I was playing a combination of BUGs and Pigs and UB Trinket. My first thought was ”No, I don't!”. My second thought was ”why don't I?”. So I tried it, and it worked pretty well. At first it was hard to figure out the mana base, but I solced that pretty quickly.The biggest problem was another one though: I had gotten it into my head that I needed Land Destruction in the SB to beat Tron, so I had 7 or 8 of those in the Sideboard for a long time. This meant that I did not have enough good sb cards against a lot of other decks. In this version the deck did well but not great. So I decided to replace the LD in the SB with other stuff. The deck then started running much better. I also realized that I could beat Tron even without LD.In fact, the matchup is somewhat favorable! The worst matchup is instead Burn, where I am a big underdog game 1. I sideboard heavily for game 2 and 3 though, so for the whole match it is about 50-50.

21 lands: 2 forest, 2 island, 5 swamp, 2 bojuka bog, 2 jungle hollow, 2 thornwood falls, 2 simic growth chamber, 2 terramorphic expanse, 1 tree of tales, 1 vault of whispers
22 creatures: 4 fume spitter, 4 sakura-tribe elder, 3 crypt rats, 3 trinket mage, 2 brindle boar, 4 mulldrifter, 2 krosan tusker
17 spells: 2 execututioners capsule, 3 tragic slip, 2 undying evil, 2 sylvok lifestaff, 4 chainer's edict, 2 grim harvest, 2 deep analysis,

15 SB cards: 2 nihil spellbomb, 1 brindle boar, 1 deep analysis, 3 wickerbough elder, 1 crypt rats, 3 nature's claim, 4 duress

The sideboard plan is secret just like UB Trinket Control's SB plan is. Dan has it, though.

Mtgolibrary Bot 10.56 - one full day with Spike Protection

Yesterday we released the Spike Protection Since that we have been monitoring the bots and the trades closely and we have to say we are pretty happy with the results so far. The Spike Protection resulted in a smaller number of  bad trades (think "Profit Log") and neat larger profits on almost all the bot chains.

We noticed two things though:
- spike protections triggered a bit too much, resulting in some false positives
- card rotation was slower

The two effects were largely attended. ML Bot 10.56 slightly soften the protection in order to have less false positive and faster card rotation.

We recommend to experiment a bit with Spike Protection but to allow AT LEAST 2 days keeping the same settings before saying "it's good / not good". This is because the mtgo market has ups and downs depending on the day of week and for sure on Friday you will do less trades than Sunday - regardless of your Spike Protection settings.