Saturday, December 17, 2016

Mysterious WotC survery

Wizards sent to certain customers a mysterious survey on a new packaging. It was just a matter of time when it will leak to the public. The names of new sets and picture of Ajani and prolly Vrasca on the booster packs made some buzz. The excitement was raised by theoretical setting in which these characters meet. It seems that after Egyptian Amonkhet set we will travel to Aztec's or Mesoamercia lands. But, according to earlier MaRo's statements it is allegedly more likely that we will return now to well known land, not visit a new one.

Wizards quickly confirmed that the pictures are authentic, but stated that it only represent concepts for packaging, not the actual package. In fact, identical packaging exists and is sold in stores such as Walmart. So why really Wizards conducted this poll? To check how the pictures present on the boosters or rather the to observe the reaction of players?

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