Sunday, October 8, 2017

MTG Arena: some news

There was a Q&A on Twitch regarding MTG Arena last week. You may watch the Twitch video here. Here are some highlights:

  • MTG Arena will not allow trading. The game will be a collectible card game, not a trading game. 
  • MTG Arena will be totally free to play, buy you can pay to accelerate some unlocks.
  • MTG Arena enables you to draft the latest set and play the Standard format. Developers haven't decided yet what happens with cards when a set rotates out of Standard. 
  • MTG Arena will not feature multiplayer, only player vs player.
  • Animations cannot be turned off. However the developer stressed that they will not let the animations interfere with game play much. 

We may deduce, that Standard format players will move from MtGO to Arena. MtGO will be kept alive just for older constructed formats. But, in my opinion Standard is just for the start, the rest will come along gradually.

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