Sunday, November 19, 2017

Play Points for sale

Wizards store is now offering Play Points for sale. Three bundles to choose from:

  • 240 Play Points for $24 (regular price)
  • 480 Play Points for $45
  • 1200 Play Points for $100.

Let's do some math. We can buy Event Tickets from players at classifieds for around $0.95 each. So, we are able to get 105,26 Event Tickets for $100 or 47,37 Event Tickets for $45. I'm not taking into consideration buying Event Tickets directly from Wizards, because it always costs $1 each and we want to get them as cheap as possible. Remembering, that 10 Play Points are considered as 1 Event Ticket we are coming to conculsion as follows. If we want to save some money it is the most reasonable to buy 1200 Play Points bundle. We must transfer Play Points into Events Tickets for the analysis to see it clear. Spending $100 at Wizards store gives us 120 Event Tickets, in comparizon to 105 Event Tickets bought from sellers in classifieds for the same amount of money. To wrap up, buying direclty from Wizards gives us extra 15 Event Tickets.

These Bundles are only available through the holidays and will disappear from the store when Rivals of Ixalan releases on January 19, 2018.

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