Saturday, December 2, 2017


A few days ago a full Unstable set was spoilered. I took a look at pricelist of previous Un sets: Unglued and Unhinged and I drew some conclusiones, that I want to share with you. Among all rares only just five are worth something and by something I mean several dollars. To ilustrate the amount we are talking about the most expensive is Mox Lotus for 9 USD. We may assume, that prices of Unstable rares will go the same way as their predecessors and be worthless. Responisble for all this is barely no demand for Un cards. However, there is one exception - basic lands. Over course of time Unhinged lands are reaching even 10 USD and Unglued 6 USD now. We get a basic land every single pack. Unstable basic lands are priced now for around 1,5 USD. It looks like a good long-term investment. The art is beautiful. The borderless basic land is unique for this moment. Some may say that there are many full art basic lands already to choose from. But, was it really a obstacle for Unhinged lands to go as high as they are now? It is just matter of time, when Unstable basic land will gain on value.

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