Monday, May 7, 2018

Yield Until Next End Step

Some small changes to yield technology were introduced in the Dominaria build of Magic Online. Few words about them:

The old “yield through this turn” option still exists, which is the same as hitting 6 on your keyboard: it will ignore the stops you have set until the next turn begins.  However, a new functionality was released lately - “Yield Until Next End Step”. The game will ignore your stop settings and give you priority during the next End of Turn step, even if you haven’t set a stop there. This is going to be pretty popular, I suspect, given the utility of doing things in the opponent’s EOT step. What is more, you can set such a yield in any phase. You will see the phase ladder put in a yellow arrow. That yellow arrow indicates that you have a “yield until here” sett and all of your other stops are ignored.

This will hopefully prevent people from manually passing for most of a turn because they want to do something in a specific phase, only to accidentally pass priority through that phase. At least once it happened to each of us. It is a very good change.

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