Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Let the money work for you

A person can work only a limited amount of time per day - say 8/10, maximum 12 hours. Of course one cannot be efficient (both mentally and physically) after 5/6 hours of hard working.
By myself, I find very difficult to be efficient and "sparkling" after 5 hours of work - of course I can still work and finish my tasks, but my efficiency decreases.

The goal here is that you have to put your money at work. You have to use your money to build more work - by hiring people, by purchasing new machine, by purchasing third-party services and so on. You have to go bed and be sure that someone or something is working for you - being it an entire company, or a simple server hosting your website.

If you keep your money immobilized, you won't do anything big, you will just sell your time. You will never be "big" if you sell your time.

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