Sunday, January 29, 2012

Poker in Magic, part 3/4

This time I am going to show you power of bluff. It is not important what you have on your hand, but what opponent think you might have! In Magic the Gathering the real strength of bluff are instant cards, which you can play whenever you want to.

In order to successfully bluff you must leave open mana, especially in deck with blue color. It makes our opponent wonder. He starts to hesitate. As a result, he might play other weaker spells as a decoy which force us to counter. Even if we do not have any counterspells we get extra time, our opponent slows down and chances of drawing the counterspell when we truly need it is raising. Often we will have to resign playing any creature cards and so on to leave open mana. Of course, it depends on situation. I quess you will know when the time is right. Remember, don not tap out unless it is necesery.

Bluffing is not only dedicated to blue color. For instance, for two-three turns we don’t play any land card. We got stuck on three lands. Finally, we drew one, but our opponent doesn’t know about it yet. We might start acting. We are getting more and more nervous. The opponent knows that something is going on. If he is clever enough conclusion is really straight. We need 4 mana to cast a important spell. How to take adventage of that? By casting any spell which allows us to look on top cards of library or search for a land card, in that case let it be a Caravan Vigil card. He should counter it. Happily, we may play the fourth land and crucial card in this matchup with converted mana cost=3.

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