Thursday, January 26, 2012

Running bots using minimal resources (Part 3 of 6)

Hello, on these series I will help you on how to setup a bot or multiple bots.My main focus will be not on how to configure and install everything, but on how to save as much memory and resources helping bot users with slower computers to experience a performance boost.

part 1  Virtual Machines
part 2  Operative System
part 3  Operative system Tweaks
part 4  Required software
part 5  Keeping resources to a minimum
part 6  Hardware recommendations and Conclusion

Part 3:  Operative system Tweaks
So now you have your Virtual machine with windows installed. You'll need to make sure everything is lightweight. I started by double checking which services i might still had that i could disable (Right click on My computer, manage, services and applications, services). 

Setting up the virtual memory
After that set the virtual memory (Right click on my computer, proprieties, advanced, performance settings, advanced, change), you should set it at 1gb if you're using about 1gb ram or set 512mb if you're using 1.5-2gb ram per bot.

Extra tweaks
Disable all visual effects, remove any backgrounds, check all windows sounds are disabled, and disable any unwanted hardware that might be installed (such as stuff you have plugged to your PC, web-cams, iphones, etc). I also choose to not install any antivirus/firewall on these machines because I believe in the fact that most of the markets anti-spyware/virus are useless, because they wont remove the virus if you manually install it and also because they find spyware on a machine that has a clean windows installation without any Internet connection or extra software installed on it, so I will leave that one up to you.

Here is my final result:

 On the next part I will guide you on the software required to run MTGO Library and what extra tools you can use if you're running multiple bots.

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