Thursday, May 24, 2012

Intermediate and Advanced settings

If you have been running the bot for some months, you should have grown a good collection with around 3000-4000 rares/mythics. This is very good, yet not the final goal. For a bot to be sustainable, it needs a larger collection, thus it's the time to accelerate and grow more. I prepared some settings: you can download them here ( and here (

After you reach 10'000 rares/mythics, you can then switch to these settings: here ( and here (

- stop the bot 
- download the files 
- copy the files in the bot folder, overwriting the old ones 
- launch the bot and set again your bot name, mtgo password and password 

 These settings are safe and will work well in the majority of the cases. You can of course play with them and change them at your needs. If you need help or have any question, just ask me at

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