Friday, May 4, 2012

Customer's care

You have just set up your bot at best, fine tuned the prices and build a ram of workstations to run your 8 bots family at best. Still, you are probably understimating the importance of a good customer care. Luckly this is pretty easy to achieve in Magic Online. 

First of all remember to insert your email address in the welcome messages and in the final confirm messages. If someone has a problem, will most likely contact you. 
Then, daily check your inbox in Magic Online for new messages. The bot closes the inbox automatically, so you have open it manually once a while. 

Then, support your customers at best, and they will return. Someone is angry? Well, that's the scenario I prefer: be extra friendly and helpful with him and he will change his mood and shop at your bot again. Mysteries of the human beings, but this is 100% guarantee. An angry customer is just a customer that need "attention", willing to shop with you again BUT with an issue to be solved


  1. Thank you. I read it again and I saw that I didn't stress enough the part about the "angry customers". In my opinion handling claims / angry requests is very very important and -if well done- can consistently grow the customer base

  2. from my own experience, in the past i gave the benefit of the doubt to some of my first customers and most of those still use my bots to drop their weekly draft rares/mythics. In most cases its better to lose some cents to help a customer since a regular customer can give you 20-200$ profit a year.