Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Power Nine on MtGO, part 3

What are the possible ways of introducing the Power Nine on MtGO?
  • P9 as promo cards. It could have be given for reaching certain number of Reward Points. However, it shoudl be extremely enormous number so that only the most persistent and determined player would get it. This line of thought brings us to very similar idea to give it as a reward to top4 or top8 MOCS players.Up till now, MOCS awards were spectacular (like full regular / foil sets of players choice), so the Power Nine suits well here. The mystique would remain, but this scenario would jack up P9 skyhigh. 
  • By account. Everyone would get the P9 as untradable cards. No mystique, no trades, no profit for botters.
  • As FTV: Restricted Cards. The concept behind this idea is that there happens to be 15 Vintage restricted cards that have not seen virtual cardboard yet, such as P9, Regrowth, Fast Bond, Mana Vault, Time Vault. Charging $34.99 won't work here. But on the flip side $500, brings its own set of problems. What if you need just one specific card from this FTV for instance to your EDH deck? You would have to wait ages to get it from market.
I have just listed 5 ways how WotC may introduce P9. I did it quite briefly, because P9 on MtGO seems so unrealistic that we can only dream about it.

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  1. Well, we did get to play with the power nine in holiday cube recently which was very fun. I suggest that come up with a new rarity "exquisite" or something in that nature and release them in ME5. They would make a ton of money, ME5 would be the most cracked set ever.