Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Top Ten Underplayed Modern Decks

Two years ago, my friend Peyton made the following video about the top 10 underplayed decks in Modern.:

This was very popular and is still the most viewed video of all time on our YouTube channel MagicGatheringStrat. For this reason, my other friend, Binkabi, decided to make an updated version of the list recently.

If you are looking for something interesting to play in Modern you might find a deck or two in these two lists.

Here is Binkabi's list:

#10: Heartless Summoning
#9: Polymorph
#8: Green Lightning
#7: Elemental Combo
#6: Enduring Ideal
#5: Mardu Tokens
#4: Ad Nauseam
#3: Elves
#2: Sky Hussar
#1: You have to watch the video :)

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