Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Worth Wollpert leaves Wizards of the Coast #blameworth

After 16 years at Wizards and a long time in charge of Magic Online, Worth Wollpert has stepped down.

The reason stated is that Wizards is restructuring digialt. That is probably a good idea and it is natural that it includes some layoffs. You really can't blame Worth for wanting to do something else.

I am personally amazed at the amount of stuff he has handled. And all the negative feedback he has endured.

The announcement by Wizards in itself is very interesting. They claim to be reimagining digital versions of Magic and other Wizards games. They will bring the characters and worlds to other games and experiences. They will make Wizards experiences more efficient, connect and convenient.

All I can think when I read that is "What does this mean for the value of my investment in MTGO cards?". I guess it is just too early to tell.

Wizard's announcement about the restructuring:

Worth confirms in a tweet:


  1. This reminds me on an old German comedian show. :-)
    Their director who was responsible for recording the show had a similar name, and everytime some small thing went wrong they played this clip: