Sunday, February 26, 2017

Speculation about Modern Masters 2017

It is pretty uncommon to be this close to set release and not have any spoilers yet. Surprisingly, absolutely no leaks.  By far from the packaging of Modern Masters 2017 boosters we may deduce we will get a Griselbrand, Domri Rade and Stoic Angel. The first spoilers should be announced on Monday. Hence, I would like to dwell on the possible money card reprints. I've divided cards into three categorie: high risk, medium risk, low risk of reprint.

High risk:
Griselbrand, Domri Rade, Stoic Angel, Craterhoof Behemoth, Liliana of the Veil, Snapcaster Mage, Past in Flames, Goblin Guide, Voice of Resurgence.

Medium risk:
Blood Moon, Cavern of Souls, Chalice of the Void, Noble Hierarch, Sword of ... and ...

Low risk:
Tarmogoyf, Dark Confidant, Vendilion Clique, Dismember, Inkmoth Nexus, Kitchen Finks, Lava Spike, Eldrazi Temple, Kiki-Jiki Mirror Breaker.

Are you ready for violent price movements when the spoilers begin?

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