Saturday, February 4, 2017

Standard Showdown ver 2.0

Standard Showdown events have already came to an end, but Wizards are keeping up the momentum and trying to attract even more players to Standard format. This time we will be tempted by Battle for Zendikar lands given to players on the same basis as it was in Standard Showdown. But first, a shop must run fifteen Standard events between February 13 and April 16. So, it is nine FNMs plus six other events. Once the requirements are met each store, depending on its level, will receive special promo lands with masterpiece art. Thus, it will be 2 (Core) / 4 (Advanced) / 6 (Advanced Plus) copies each of Prairie Stream, Sunken Hollow, Smoldering Marsh, Cinder Glade and Canopy Vista giving in total 10 pcs for Core level stores, 20 pcs for Advanced level stores and 30 pcs for Advanced Plus level stores. Additionally, three playmats featuring art from a card in Amonkhet are added to the prize structure. To have a chance to get one you need to participate in at least six evetns. Promo cards and playmats will be shipped on the week of March 27 to all stores that schedule Amonkhet Prerelease.

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