Saturday, March 25, 2017

Emergency adding

Not long ago a Smuggler's Copter and company got the axe, because they dominated a Standard format. However, the bannings didn't fix the problem. Standard is just as stale or “solved” as it was at this time three months ago. That's why Craig Wescoe suggested an interesting alternative to bannings in Standard format. Instead of emergency bannings let's do emergency adding. Cards that give other archetypes ways to engage. He recommended adding Pithing Needle, Tormod's Crypt, Windstorm, Propaganda, Runed Halo, Duress, Rending Volley, Prophetic Bolt to the format. Wizards has already allowed using cards that can't be found in booster packs in Standard format, for instance cards from learn to play packs from core sets. It has been done before, so nothing unusual.

In my opinion, a few extra cards added into Standard to fix specific problems and promote metagame diversity is a great idea.

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