Saturday, March 18, 2017

Renting MtGO cards

I came across a new website, where you might rent digital MtGO cards you need. There is nothing stopping you even from renting full decks. So, if you are not keen on spending hundreds of dollars on cards or you play from time to time it is a solution for you. Of course, in longterm perspective it is more reasonable to buy deck. However, I found one very useful application of this website. I'm thinking of time before rotation. There are many Rares or Mythics which are worth much, but they are seeing play only in Standard format. After rotation their's value is near 0. It may be a smart move to sell your rotation vonurable staples, when the prices are still decent. Then, rent the same cards from ManaTraders to keep on playing Standard format until the very end. Additionally, you save yourself a stressful moments observing how prices plummet before rotation.

How does it work?
First, visit There are three subscription plans to choose from. A subscription for 34.95 USD gives you 25000 ManaHours and you could rent cards up to 350 Event Tickets. One ManaHour is one ticket in value per hours, So for example if you have a 1 tix card rented out for 1 hour then you have used 1 ManaHour, if you have a deck that is worth 350 tixs and you rented for 5 hours, then you used 1750 ManaHours. ManaHours.

*I'm neither affiliated with nor paid by them. Treat it as a curiosity. A new business model that appeared in MtGO.

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