Sunday, July 23, 2017


Some changes:

  • No more Game Days. We get a Store Championship at the end of the set's season, instead. Each participant will receive a promo card from next set. Additionally, store champion playmats and program-exclusive deck boxes await those who emerge victorious.
  • FNM promos are replaced with foil double-sided tokens from the current set.
  • Starting with Ixalan, the Standard Showdown booster prizes now come with a foil promo land in each booster. Those lands will feature new or highly desirable art from Magic's history.
  • A new event - Magic Open House, you will get a foil full-art promo card from the upcoming set there. For instance, you will get an Ixalan card a week prior to the Prerelease, on September 16–17.
  • Promo cards given to participants of Leagues. First one along with Ixalan.

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