Sunday, July 30, 2017

Wizards restricting metagame data

By now, ten of the top-performing decklists from Leagues were chosen at random and revealed to the public. However, Wizards decided to reduce the total number of decklists being presented per day from ten to five, and each of these decklists will be randomly selected with the caveat that each list will be at least ten cards different from every other list. In fact you will see five different archetypes, it does not even matter if a deck is the most popular in a league — it will show up a maximum of one time.

Wizards cited a couple of reasons for this change. First and foremost, Wizards believes that publishing too many deck lists from Magic Online causes the format to become stale and solved too quickly. Wizards stated: "Under this system, new and unique decks are far more likely to appear, and it is W goal to foster that creativity and innovation rather than stifle it." and added: "Since we have been presenting a random selection of top-performing decks, even if a deck doesn't have a particularly high win rate, it can appear to be extremely dominant if it's widely played. With only this information, it's not possible to disentangle win percentage and metagame percentage. This can lead, and at times has led, to feedback cycles where a deck appears more dominant than it would otherwise, which leads to an even greater percentage of play."

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