Sunday, February 11, 2018

Game loss / warning

Four most common mistakes resulting in game loss / warning and how to avoid them:

1. Deck error.
This is when there is a discrepancy between the deck you present to your opponent and the deck you registered. Commonly, this will be due to a missing or additional card. For example, when you forget to de-sideboard after the previous round or when you "stole" or "lost" a card by for instance Oblivion Ring effect cards. To prevent this fix your deck right after the match, don't wait and don’t let anything or anyone distract you

2. Deck registeration error
It happens when you make a mistake with your deck list. It also applies to mistakes made during registering sealed pools. For sealed pools, I find it very useful to sort the cards into colours, then register the pool. I'm using Roman numerals, instead of Arabic numerals. "I" is better than "1", beacuse you can easilly "I" turn into "II" by just adding "I". Changing "1" into "2" is not so simple.
After all, count the number of cards in each color and check if it is correct.

3. Tardiness
This is where you don’t turn up on time for your round. If a player is not in his or her seat 10 minutes into the round, he or she is issued a second game loss. The most popular reasons include smoking, going for food or to the toilet. If you are a smoker, go for a smoke in the same place the other smokers do, because you will see them going back and not lose track of time. For food the best thing to do is simply bring some food with you to the tournament. If you need the toilet for longer amount of time tell it a judge and you will unlikely get a game loss. Instead, you may get a time extension.

4. Missed triggers
If you are on five life and you miss the trigger on your Dark Confidant you are likely to get a warning. For this reason many players will put a die on their library so that they don’t just draw a card and forget a card that triggers in their upkeep. But still you must remember to put the die back.
Other solution may be to learn a habit to scan left to right with your eyes for the triggers.

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