Sunday, February 25, 2018

Few Wizards announcements

Lately, Wizards made some announcements. Here is brief summary:

  • in 2018, Magic: The Gathering will launch the official smartphone app, which will allow you to keep track of life totals, to look up card information on the fly including searchable rules databases for card rulings and few other functiones.
  • Signature Spellbook is a spiritual successor to the From the Vault series, but with a signature twist: each Signature Spellbook is themed around a Planeswalker and the spells that define who they are. First one is about Jace. Each Signature Spellbook will contain one premium foil and eight cards that fit with the Planeswalker's identity.
  • Commander Anthology Volume II releases June 8. Four 100-card decks with thirteen premium foil commanders.
  • Commander (2018 Edition) releases August 10. Four 100-card decks with twelve premium foil commanders.
  • Chinese-market-specific Planeswalker Decks featuring new Planeswalkers created particularly for China. We will get a similar English version of the same product created for international audiences. Release on June 22.
  • Battlebond is a completely new set focused on Two-Headed Giant Limited play, releasing June 8. It's a mix of reprint cards and new cards. There are 254 unique cards in total and 85 of those cards are totally new, all of which will immediately be legal in Commander, Legacy, and Vintage. 

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