Sunday, March 4, 2018

Challenger decks

Wizards revealed a new product intended to help new players get into Standard. We are speaking of 2018 Challenger decks. (click here to check decklists). A reasonable or even bargain price of $30 should convince players to pick it up and play at a Friday Night Magic level. Just two cards from Hazoret Aggro deck Chandra, Torch of Defiance and Hazoret the Fervent are priced together around $50 and we are still getting 58 more playable cards. While the Event Decks of the past have had a long history of not being good enough to fight off top-tier competitive Standard lists, these lists look like they are only a few cards away from being on par with the best decks. This time around, the decks are close replicas of Tier One archetypes and include a lot more rares and Mythics. For instance, Vehicle Rush deck has 26 rares and 5 Mythics maindeck. It is nothing like the entry-level “tournament” decks Wizards has released in the past, which used to have few Mtythics and rares and rest was filled out with garbage. Those decks were unplayable. This time is totally different.

On the flip side, almost every card in each of these decks is from Kaladesh or Amonkhet block, both of which rotate in the fall. A solid product for few months only, but we should get a new Challenger decks then.

These decks are being released on April 6th

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