Sunday, March 18, 2012

LITE Bot Sell 1:200, Buy 1:300

One of the basic question I get often get is: "how do I tell the bot to sell 200 commons for 1 tix, and buy 300 for 1"?

The answer is that you have to use the LITE Bot and set the proper prices in the "Prices Tab". In particular, you need to set the selling price for the commons to 0.005 (because 1 tix divided by 200 equals 0.005) and the buying price to 0.003 (1 tix divided by 300 would be 0.0033, but ML Bot round the value to 0.003)

1 comment:

  1. I was able to set up this pricing structure in Pro as well. Just set your corrections for the categories you want to bulk to +100 for buying and -100 for selling, but then set limits to the 1/# of cards price. That gives me a little more flexibility, I can buy rares Bulk, but sell them for individual market prices, and still buy and sell UC and C in bulk.