Sunday, March 18, 2012

MtGO Cube

The Cube format is coming to Magic Online! Here's what you need to know. "Cube" is a format where players draft from a pool of cards that's specially chosen to be awesome to draft. In this case, Tom LaPille designed a cube of 720 cards and Max McCall developed it, so you'll have the opportunity to draft and play with some of the most powerful cards from across the history of Magic. The Cube is going to be a limited-time event on Magic Online. Initially, it will be playable over the weekend of PAX East (April 6-8, 2012), and the inaugural event kicking this off will take place at PAX East, exclusive for that event’s attendees!

The Magic Online Cube Event at PAX East will have exactly 64 players, who will be broken into eight eight-person pods. Each pod is its own single-elimination draft pod. When each pod is down to its last player, the eight people still standing are put into a final eight-player single-elimination draft pod. This is a Phantom event, meaning participants will not keep the cards drafted during it. Players in this event should expect it to take roughly six hours.

If you want to be one of the first sixty-four people to play the Magic Online Cube, the PAX East event starts at 4:00 PM on Friday, April 6th in the LAN area. Aside from a Magic Online account, there's no entry requirement. Here are the prizes: 1st: $500 Best Buy® gift card plus 12 digital Dark Ascension boosters 2nd: $300 Best Buy gift card plus 9 digital Dark Ascension boosters 3rd/4th: $150 Best Buy gift card plus 6 digital Dark Ascension boosters 5th-8th: $100 Best Buy gift card plus 3 digital Dark Ascension boosters 9th-32nd: 2 digital Dark Ascension boosters 33rd-64th: 1 digital Dark Ascension booster

The Cube will return to Magic Online from time to time for differing periods. As it returns, you may notice that the Cube contents will occasionally change. Frankly speaking, I can’t wait to play it.

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