Friday, March 9, 2012

Q & A #1, part 2 of 2

So x4dow has two (2) PRO bots, one selling and one buying. He has accumulated some excess bulk cards and wants to sell the excess on a LITE bot and wants some advice as to the specifics.

Here is one opinion from the mana-ball shooting gallery.

He does not mention how much bulk is indeed bulk and what type they are. So I am going to assume that you have at least twenty four (24) copies of most commons.

The other question I have that you do not answer clearly is what is the purpose of the LITE bot, except that you want advice. This will affect the prices that you set.

The bottom line is that you are still going to have two (2) bots which sell cards.

So what price do you set? This is going to depend on how much profit/loss you are willing to take. If the goal is mainly to reduce inventory, then offer more cards per ticket. If you wish to maximize profit, offer less cards per ticket.

In either case, I recommend using a simple amount per ticket, whether it is five (5), eight (8), ten (10), etc. Do not use “weird” numbers like seven (7), thirteen (13), or seventy-seven (77). Anything which isn't cleanly divisible and would carry a credit. This is especially true for new bots which customers may not trust beyond the initial trade..

I would not recommend having more than eight (8) available cards on any bot at any given time. Why? Let's look at this from the customer perspective: If you are a new player and are just sifting through cards, if you see 427 Serpent Warriors for sale, are you going to conclude that it is a good card or a bad card? Now if you see just 3 of the same card, you might come to a different conclusion.

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  1. the bulk bots ended up by being the main supply for the pro bots :)