Sunday, June 17, 2012

Magic Online 10th Anniversary Celebration!

On June 20, 2002, Wizards of the Coast released Magic: The Gathering Online. WotC created a place where you can play Magic any time you want to. No matter if it is a day or night, weekday or holiday. Ten years, 60 sets, and nearly 14,000 cards. The MtGO 10th Anniversary Celebration starts after the downtime on June 20 and runs until 10:00 AM on July 5. The 10th Anniversary Celebration features the following:

  • Invasion Block Booster Drafts
  • 8-Player Constructed Queues (WotC added an extra booster to prize structure)
  • 2-player Gold Constructed Queues (entrance 10 event tickets, but for winning you get 5 Avacyn Restored boosters)
  • Spotlight Tournaments: Pauper, Standard, Phantom Avacyn Restored Sealed Deck and Legacy
  • Double Magic Online Player Rewards (you will receive double the Magic Online Player Rewards points for each qualifying event you play in)
  • Lifetime Magic Online Player Rewards (players who have reached certain lifetime MOPR points totals will get the reward, such as premium or regular Unghined basic land, alternate art regular or premium Hymn to Tourach)
Let the celebration begin! For us, botters, it is a perfect time, because much more people visit our bots!

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