Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Startup Culture

"A world without barriers is creating a revival in human endeavor and enterprise. 

The fact that anyone with a smart phone has access to more data than the US President did 15 years ago is creating micro innovation and new global possibilities. There is a great flip away from the blocking nature of the industrial stalwarts who controlled the 19th century. 

Access and democratisation of the factors of production is allowing humans to again follow their natural genetic desire to create, innovate and start things which improve the human plight."

Read the full article here.

We are moving to a world where data will become more and more important. Data can be digged for information and patterns, and stream revenues can be created when good data mining is available. stores the trading and pricing data from 2006, and we will soon use them in order to increase the bots' capability to adapt to the market and respond to it quickly.

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