Sunday, August 4, 2013

Manual intervention (Part 1)

Buying and Selling to other Bots

Running MTGO Bots wasn't always all about clicking "launch" and seeing the money coming in.
Although manual intervention wasn't in most botters minds when we started running MTGO Bots, eventually, we found the need to intervene and do some things by hand, not as a necessity but as a way to get an edge or advantage against other bots.
From card transfers between your bots, give-away freebies, fix possible buggy trades, eBay sales or to sell and buy directly to other bots, which is the one I will be talking about this week, manual intervention can be positive, if used correctly.

There are many (good and bad) reasons to trade with other bots.
Taking this wikiprice search as an example, Bot A will be a "zero risk" bot, it clearly aims to buy low, and sell low. This means he wont have much stock but that any buy he makes, he can quickly pause the bot, visit Bot B and sell his 15tix bought card for 30tix, making an instant 15tix profit. The advantage is the instant 15 event tickets profit and restock but it comes with the disadvantage of making new customers (using a cheap sphinx as a "lure").
Bot C would be the kind of botter that wouldn't mind visiting Bot D manually and grab himself a sphinx for 30 event tickets as he knows it will sell it sooner of later for 31.5-32.5.

There are many other ways to intervene manually with other bots which involve controlling the value of cards (such as buying every copy of a specific card to boost its value, then selling it), but I just want to hear from you guys if this is something you do and how often you do it.

On my next post I will talk about Giving away freebies.


  1. Carlos,

    I see you finally decided to admit to being a scammer by your own defination, gratz dumbass

    Now if you will just admit you are a worthless retard who doesnt know anything about what you are talking about people can stop wasting their time with your worthless into paragraph posts where you dont actually say anything.

  2. Seriously am I the only one who finds this post, many of his other posts here and many posts by himself and others on botrunners highly hypocritical if not down right condesending. Calling everyone that finds any good deal on his bots a scammer, raider, cherry picker etc then talking about doing it himself.

    The fact that this is on the official MTGO Library blog really makes library bots look bad and is probably driving users away from them in general.

  3. I don't trade manually with other bots unless im after a card to play casually with which i do not have. But thanks for showing your views on it

  4. Carlos,

    Sure, you dont do it but you write articles (if it can be called that) about it. I call BULLSHIT, just like I call bull shit on you knowing what your talking about. Seriously why would anyone deal with your dumbass or your crap bestdeal chain...

  5. Sphinx's Revelation(RTR) sell price:34.415 buy price:28.344 coll:0 need:6

    that answers your question..

    My bot is buying at 28.34 at this moment. If anyone is a "scammer" here would be the one buying for 15 don't you think?

  6. WTF that doesnt prove anything, god you are a stupid fucking piece of shit. Seriously ive never heard anything inteligent come from you, I think you are just trolling these boards with your nonsence hoping someone thinks its a good idea and does it, thereby hurting your competitition. While ive never been stupid enough to follow your ramblings i did realize others might be so i am warning them about you, here and eventually everywhere i can. YOU ARE A SCAMMER BY YOUR OWN DEFINITION.

    First that is a shitty price, many bots are paying more, some several tix more.

    Second that is the price of one card.

    Third you seem to have an insane sence of entitlment that you can condemn others for profiting or doing something but you can do it and its all great.

    Um, what does someone else buying it for 15 have to do with me calling you a scammer by your own definition? Deflection much, seriously how is that relevant? yes they are screwing their customers too but they arent posting crap articles (that dont actually have an article just a crap paragraph) with bad advise which contridicts half the stuff they have said in the past.


  7. I double checked wikiprice just to make sure i was right, sure enough yes your price for Sphinx's Revelation is terribly low, anyone that sells one to you just got bent over. The vast majority of the buy prices from legit bots are in the 30s not 20s, thats several tix per card you are underpaying by (im sure only on your highest paying bot, that stagger system probably gets a few unsuspecting newbs everyday am i right...). So yes you are screwing people and scamming them (especially by your defination that you have stated in the past) way to prove my point


  8. prices are always changing:)

    200: Sphinx's Revelation(RTR) sell price:39.8 buy price:32.772 coll:0 need:6

    i am on the 30's too. :)

    Infact my bot is buying more than 2 bots are selling for right now in Wikiprice.

    When it comes to compare my bots to others, I happily match any current buying/selling price you find if you are a BestDeal customer or member of BestDeal Clan.

    Only if all scammers were as nice as me :)

  9. God you are full of shit.

    You posted that price of 28 not me, you said that was proof you paid well and werent a scammer when it was proof you dont pay well, not to mention the fact that it is one card (and obviously on your target list which im sure you pay a higher percentage for). Seriously who do you think your foolign with this shit (besides yourself). Your only making yourself look worse with each post

    BOYCOTT BESTDEAL (your going to see more of this in the future all over the net)

  10. when it posted the buy price of 28.34, most bots were selling it for 30-31.

    now I'm buying for 32.77 and most bots are selling for 33-34~

    Feel free to advertise "hate" against BestDeal. The more you do it, the more people will hear about my bot chain. Free advertising :).

  11. Lol at you and your quote marks, "Scammer" "Hate", putting something in quotes does not allow you to change the meaning of the word, contrary to what you obviously seem to think.

    Truth is never hate, it is only truth, and the truth is that you have an insane sence of entitlement that you can do whatever suits you while condemning anyone else for doing the exact same thing. You are a condesending hypocrital prick. People like you are what is wrong with the world today and there shouldnt be a place for you in a game. You are the one spreading hate with your nonsence by condemning others for doing exactly what you do, even when you are doing to to a larger extent.


  12. Sounds like a bromance to me! :)

  13. Lol, hardly, I actually think Carlos is a scammer (by his own definition) and a scumbag and want to make as many people aware of it as possible so they can stay away from him and protect their account and money...