Thursday, August 22, 2013

You Can't Get What You Want 'til You Know What You Want

While trying to come up with an idea for my next topic, I looked at recent topics mentioned on this blog and went back in time.  The list of topics is fairly impressiveESXi, VMware, how to operate a business, economics, and market trends.  We’ve had discussions on how to draft, how to construct a deck, and how to market to clans.  We’ve had discussions on computer hardware, computer software and how to integrate them when configuring your bot.  It’s been quite an education.

But in all of this is that the reader can get lost.  After all, this blog exists for you, the reader.  While it is the responsibility of the writer to make the articles interesting and entertaining, we do not always hit the mark. Topics will be brought up that are of little interest to some botters.  Those who only run one (1) part time bot does not particularly look forward to reading VMware articles meant for bot chains.  In the same manner, bot chain owners do not particularly care for the Botting 101 articles.

So I ask the readers, what is it that you want us to write about?  Do you wish discussions on bit coin and how that might affect our business?  Do you wish a more business oriented blog?  Do you wish feedback on the viability of a wish list of bot features?  (Suggest a feature and we comment on it)  Do you want some real life examples of how to deal with irate customers? 

Write down your thoughts and suggestions in the forum below and we’ll go from there.  After all, this blog is for you, the reader.

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