Friday, August 16, 2013

MTGO Library Bot 5.87 released

Hello to everyone,

ML Bot 5.87 has just been released. The build contains three improvements:

  • the function to click the "submit button" is now more reliable and should prevent the "white-gray-dark" bug. The bug, essentially, is related to Mtgo and prevents the submit button to be clicked correctly - the button becomes dark-gray, then white, then dark-gray again and so on... never changing to the "lite-gray" color that means a successful click.
  • when you pause the bot, the GUI pop-ups. When you unpause the bot, the GUI goes minimized. This is a defensive mechanism to avoid clicks on the bot GUI when Mtgo crashes. If Mtgo crashes, in fact, the bot could perform some clicks on the Desktop assuming that Mtgo is "still there" 
  • added a function to dismiss the "try  v4" message

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