Friday, December 27, 2013

Doubling Trades Project: Reward Loyalty |Part8 of 9|

Doubling Trades Project

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Part 8 Reward Loyalty
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Reward Loyalty

Number one rule when dealing with a regular Customer is to not take his/her loyalty for granted; You might remember when you started playing MTGO, you used to go to a certain bot, then you moved into another one, up to the point where you decided to have your own bots. What could have the first bot owner done better to keep you as his Customer?

Maybe when I started playing MTGO, nearly four years ago, there wasn't much MTGO Library offered to reward loyalty; surely you could still offer discount codes/vouchers to use on your website; give some free credit based on total traded with your bots every week or month; or maybe give free credit/tix prizes every month to a random customer, like some do...

Fortunately MTGO Library has a Special Buddies feature where you can not just give discount when selling cards, but also give extra when buying; and the best of it all is that this is 100% automated, giving your customer a 24/7 sense of loyalty where he doesn't need you to come online to give him the "regular customer" benefits.

How you use your SpecialBuddies feature? That's totally up to you. Make up a clan and give all the members the same? Give a stacking 1% discount up to x% as long as the customer does a certain amount of trades per certain time?(a bit forceful?) or just use it to give your best friends and family a very big discount or so. Whatever the reason or the method, SpecialBuddies feature has been working well for me towards keeping my regulars, you should try it if you haven't yet. 

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  1. How do you use SpecialBuddies efficiently? I have done a lot of trading during this year and never once have I seen anyone use it on me, even when I have traded with the same bot 3-5 times/day for a whole week