Sunday, December 29, 2013

Facebook - enemy number one!

Studies show that regular use of Facebook makes us less happy with our lives. Investing time and energy in your virtual avatar directly affects how you perceive yourself in the real world (the habit of comparing yourself also with other avatars). However, if you decide to use Facebook - nothing is lost. It is only a tool and it's up to you how you use it. There are a few things you can do to minimize its negative impact.

 1. Remove from your wall news from most of your 'friends'. Every time when on your wall appears a 'news' from a person you do not know well or from whom you do not need to keep track of its life - decide that its 'news' are not popping up on your wall.

2. For the same reason terminate the subscription from sites that you liked a long time ago and the posts continue to appear on your wall.

3. Make a list of your major interests and topics you want to explore in the near future and subscribe only these pages.

4. Do not check Facebook every 15 minutes. Set yourself moments during the day when you enter the Facebook for as much time as you need. Quickly you will realize that you never needed to log on Facebook so often, and once or twice a day are adequate.

5. Stop using Facebook for a while. Thanks to this you will understand how it harms you and what for you need it. Such awareness will allow you to use it wisely. Stop being a slave of this tool, and start using it for your true own needs.

Any more tips?

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