Sunday, August 10, 2014

Opinions of employees about Wizards of the Coast

I came across very interesting website, where employees may share opinions about the employer. Not thinking too much I typed 'Wizards of the Coast' to find out how it is to work for the company, which is famous of the most recognizable trading card game ever. I have particularly focused on opinions of programmers due to recent transferring to V4. Unfortunately, my misgivings found a confirmation there. Please read some selected by me opinions about Wizards to learn why V4 is a product far from ideal.

- "Your decision makers are frequently wrong. Choosing .NET for the UI for a game? None of your talented developers thought that was a good idea, but you didn't ask them."
- "Completely incompetent at implementing any kind of digital media. I was tossed into a web design team even though I had no experience in and was not hired for coding."
- "If you're a software developer, stay far away. Wizards is not a software company, and its software projects are buggy, slow, bloated, and poorly thought-out. Random changes will come down from marketing or management. Key technical decisions will be made by non-technical staff. You will work in Waterfall, whether you like it or not. You will be underpaid (Wizards pays below market for most positions), and blamed for the failures of the products you work on."
- "Technology department is wholly dependent on mediocre work from contractors and outside vendors."
- "Technology teams frequently underdeliver but are chronically understaffed and can't source talent because salaries are so far below market."- "Salaries are generally 20% lower than at comparable companies and opportunities for advancement are sporadic."- "Marketing/branding/sales have an absurdly disproportionate amount of sway in matters not directly related to their department, to the detriment of everyone involved."
- "Wages are some of the worst in the industry."

It makes me wonder..
You may read more here

The final score is 2,9 / 5 and only 44% of employees would recommend this company to a friend.

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