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The Modern Bible of RG Tron chapter eleven - The principles of the RG Tron Sideboard

In this chapter of the Modern Bible, we are going to discuss the principles behind a good sideboard for the RG Tron deck. You see all kind of shennanigans in RG Tron sideboards, but there are some truths that should not be ignored when it comes to sideboarding with RG Tron.

Your sideboard cards should be searchable if possible
You happen to have a very efficient search engine for lands, an efficient search engine for colorless creatures and a somewhat efficient search engine (Ancient Stirrings) for colorless cards. Use it. If your choice is between a land and a sorcery, tend to put the sorcery in the sideboard.

If your sideboard card is not searchable you need at least three copies of it
If you think that a sideboard card is important enough to include even though you can not search for it, you need to ensure that you find it quickly by playing three or four copies. A prime example is Slaughter Games. If you find it necessary, do not play less than three copies. I can not stress this enough. If you play only two copies, odds are that you will never find the card before turn four when you need to cast it at the latest for it to work well for you.

Against decks that win very quickly Emrakul will not save you
You should always board out Emrakul in the fast matchups. In these matchups, Wurmcoil Engine works well as your top end. These matchups include, but are not limited to, Affinity and Burn.

Never sideboard out your search engine
If at all possible tend to keep all the Expedition Maps, Sylvan Scrying, Eggs and Ancient Stirrings in the deck. If you dillute the search engine you destroy what your deck is best at. Do not do this.

Your deck is presideboarded so that you can easily find cards to cut
Running main deck Pyroclasms and Relics of Progenitus means that you often know what to cut, but do not worry - I will provide you with detailed SB plans for the three deck lists I have shown you.

You can only sideboard out lands if you run 21 lands
You can consider the 21st land a pre-sideboarded card. Some people argue that Eye of Ugin can be sideboarded out against the very fast matchups but sometimes the ability to tutor for a Spellskite or a Wurmcoil Engine can be the thing that saves you. If any land can be sideboarded out in a 20-land RG Tron list it is the eye. I tend not to do this.

If you try to sideboard against their hate you are probably doing it wrong
They will bring in Sowing Salt, Fulminator Mages and other things you will not like. It is very tempting to consider anti-sideboard sideboard cards on your side. This is generally a mistake. You already have a very powerful search engine for lands which can be used to counter their anti-land strategy.

A sideboard card should be useable in more than one matchup or win you the game outright
If you find that your sideboard card is only useful in one matchup and does not win you the game outright (like Slaughter Games often does), tend to steer clear of the card in question. The one exception is that if that one deck is the #1 deck in the meta and over 25% of the field are playing it. The one deck that people tend to include this kind of cards against the most is Burn. We will devote an entire chapter to the Burn matchup.

A prime example of a very useful card in many matchups is Nature's Claim, which is why you see three or four copies in most RG Tron sideboards.

Have a sideboard plan
Only with a detailed sideboard plan can you decide which cards are really worthy of being in your sideboard.

Sideboard more in the 50/50 matchups
If you matchup is extremely strong, you really do not need any more cards against the deck. If your matchup is extremely weak and sideboarding does not help much, don't waste sideboard slots trying to save the matchup. If given a choice, tend to put in more sideboard cards for the matchups that are close to even. These matchups include, but are not limited to, Affinity and Burn.

For a full list of the chapters of The Modern Bible check out this link: http://mtgolibrary.blogspot.se/2015/02/the-modern-bible-of-rg-tron-part-1.html

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