Sunday, August 12, 2012

Determinants of being effective player, part 2

The human mind has the ability to tell us that something is impossible or unviable long before we even make a try. We mentally surrender. Thinking pessimisticly lead us to inevitable failure. How to convince our mind not to resist in the way of dreams? The real secret to success is what lies beneath the surface: all the time put in practicing before you sit down at the tournament. I have prepared a list of 7 habits that mark a good player, a few features fit to good botter as well.

2. The more cards you know in a format, the better it is for you. This tip is crucial for limited, but it suits well to constructed too. You must know your options or threats. Especially, when you are creating totally new deck. Knowing most cards in Magic history may help you indetify a new combo/interaction between cards much more earlier than normal players and have handsome profit from it. Cards such as Dark Depths when they were released were treated as a total bulk, but few years later with a release of Zendikar and Vampire Hexmage this card turned into breakout star. There are many other examples, but it's not the aim of this article to point them out. Rather it is to encourage you to broaden your mind-carddatabase. At least to know recent net decklists. I would like to share with you with my last experience. I regulary play Legacy format. Once I took tier 3 deck and played several games. Almost noone was familiar with this deck and had troubles, for instance naming card with Pithing Needle. Despite this deck has some flag cards and if you see one you would know the others. You must know that if someone runs for example Dark Depth it is very propably that there is Vampire Hexmage, Dark Confidant around.

3. Practise a lot. Keep on playtesting. Play,

 Did I mention to play? Play

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