Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What is the best license for me to pick? (Part 3)

 Previously on part 2 I explained how I've ended up with each of the four options available for bots licensing.
Today I will be revealing how my BestDeal bots chain works. The graph below shows how I set up the buy limits (quantities) and refilling schedule in a way that BestDeal4 regularly refills BestDeal's "bulky" card sales (BestDeal wont need to refill itself unless it sells 8 of the same card within 6 hours). This setup results in most trades happening on BestDeal and BestDeal4.
This is how BestDeal is set at the moment and I manage to please a wide range of customers, from the drafters that require a regular bulk bot to drop their "junk" to the player that has valuable cards and wishes the highest value. I've also do monthly/weekly deals like, for example, "10% cheaper boosters" "foil buy price +15%" etc..

Feel free to drop any questions or comments and I will answer ASAP.


  1. Interesting setup How many calls on wich bots do you get per day on average? how much time did it take you to get there :)

  2. They havent been the busiest in the last couple of months but they're doing about 50 to 150 trades a day ( 15-25 => 1tix)
    BestDeal does 45% bd2 17.5% bd3 12.5% bd4 25% of trades (quantity of trades)

  3. Can you recommend buying percentages that you use on your main bot, BestDeal? (For example: Mythic +25%, Rare +15%)?

    Also, can you explain why most of the trades occur on BestDeal4 not BestDeal3 (Even though 3 offers more buying price)? It it because BestDeal4 is constantly refilling the other bots so that there are more holes in its inventory that need filling up?