Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cherry Pickers (Part 4)

In our continuing series on cherry pickers, I thought I would take a moment and respond to a suggestion that Jon and others posted in the comments section: Do not let the bot make cards tradable; do that yourself.

This method absolutely makes certain that cherry pickers will not cherry pick anything you have; because you will have already dome that.  This will maximize profits as the good cards get sold for their real value, not the LITE bot’s bulk price.

There will be a lag before cards are made available for sale.  This is because the bot owner has deliberately set the bot not to make incoming cards tradable.  This normally is not a big concern.  However, whenever a new set is released, like M13 was this past update, this delay will hurt as customers wanting the cards will find them on other bots instead of your bots. 

Another minor disadvantage is that you will have a phantom-inventory.  Cards which are in the collection which are not marked for trade are literally just taking up space.  Should more of that card come in, the bot will not select them.  Since they are not marked for trade, they will never be sold.  Again, not a huge problem, but when a new set comes out or there is a sudden flurry of activity for certain cards, you will be missing out on the action.
Bottom Line:
This is an extremely time consuming task that will turn your bot business into a part time job.  Some on the comment section claim that if one isn’t willing to put this kind of work in, then maybe running a bot isn’t for them.  I would disagree.  I just do not believe that it is worth the effort.  Let’s assume that you devote one hour per day, on average, to making cards tradable, and moving gems to your more profitable bot.  If all of this work leads to an average of three (3) tickets of extra profit per day, then essentially you are working for $3 an hour.  Is this the best use for your time?


  1. "you have; because you will have already dome that."

    u misspelled "done" take care ;)

  2. take me about 5 minutes... maybe i'm not popular enough for it to matter? Nice answer regardless ! not everyone has the same issues i guess.

  3. If you're familiar with card prices (and you should be) - there's NO WAY this should take more than a few minutes a day. Even if you're pulling in thousands of cards - the value cards should stick out like a sore thumb! So, familiarize yourself with the value of cards (especially value commons as these tend to be what my bulk bot gets the most), and this will be a piece of cake.

  4. The cherry pickers make wishlists to buy you out of your best cards... make them untradeable and once your ready load your own wishlist of cards you do not want to stay on the bot... :)