Saturday, August 18, 2012

Determinants of being effective player, part 3

The human mind has the ability to tell us that something is impossible or unviable long before we even make a try. We mentally surrender. Thinking pessimisticly lead us to inevitable failure. How to convince our mind not to resist in the way of dreams? The real secret to success is what lies beneath the surface: all the time put in practicing before you sit down at the tournament. I have prepared a list of 7 habits that mark a good player, a few features fit to good botter as well.

4. Playtest sideboard games. This is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of successful playtesting. Sideboard is inseparable part of your deck and is crucial in tournament play, especially in those inevitable unfavorable matchups. You need a clear plan. During tournament it's not the time to think over what you are taking out/putting in. You should know all net decklist and how to sideboard against these decks before tournament. In game 2/3 act like a robot and put in/take out what you are suppoused to.

5. Work with others. Behind every successful tournament stands a crew of people who put in the hard work with him to get that. Surround yourself with people like you, willing to develop yourself. Share ideas with your group and discuss it over.

6. Bring to the tournament only deck that you are familiar with and you have playtested it. You need to spent a considerable amount of time learning your deck and how it interacts with other decks in the format.

7. Take some time away from testing. It may seems contrary to what I have written already, but it is important for your personal well being that you step back from the game from time to time. To free your mind.

Hopefully you learned a little something along the way.

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