Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ravnica Returns

So we’re going Back to Ravnica.  What does that mean for us botters? 

[1] I think it will pique interest and draw some players back into the game which have left to play other games.

Magic has been a game you can always come back to.  Players leave Magic for a variety of reasons: too many cards to keep up, finances, and lack of time being the most popular.  The Ravnica block was very successful and many players are interested to see where WotC is going to take this block.  All those who played during the Ravnica block now will be able to return without having to relearn a bunch of weird rules and can even use their own Ravnica cards for the new Ravnica Casual format.  (You know that is going to happen, right?)

[2] One of the writers here stated that he believes that the prices of reprinted cards, like the Shock Lands, will decrease and to plan accordingly.  I disagree.  The Ravnica Block Shock lands are not increasing in number.

But you just stated that they are reprinting the Shock Lands.  How can their numbers not increase?

You are missing the important point: the set which the card came from.  The Ranivca Temple Garden is not being reprinted.  Those numbers are not increasing.  Now, there will be a Return to Ravnica block version of Temple Garden and that card will follow its own path.  Printing different editions of the same card does not mean that their prices will approach a set price for all of them.  A 7th edition Birds of Paradise lists for 2.75 tickets while an 8th edition lists for 1.45, almost twice the price!

The price is determined by supply and demand.  The supply of Ravnica Shock lands will be the same while there may be increased demand for them, even with the reprints.


  1. I see your point.
    But you are not right, because great MAJORITY of players buy what is the cheapest option. It is true that BoP from older set is more expensive than the one from last edition, but the Temple Garden card from original Ravnica does the same thing as the the Temple Garden from Return from Ravnica. So what is the reason to pay more? I have just demonstrated the way how player thinks. You will observe that you will sell in less number shock lands from Ravnica than from Return of Ravnica.

    Secondly, you point out that some Shocks won't fall now. It's quite obvious, because only 5 shocks are in Return of Ravnica. Wait 3 months more and you will observe the same process here..

    Heh, you say that price of Hallowed Fountain won't fall? It is ridicilous. Look. This card was about 30 tix before wotc announced that they are going to reprint shocklands. Now it is ~17 and Modern format is the same popular as it was few weeks ago, so it excludes possibility of drop price because of smaller intrest in format..

  2. 7th birds was much more than 3tix before got reprinted in 8th etc.