Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Power Nine on MtGO, part 1

Last week a Classic format event fired after long break and it made me wonder about Vintage format on MtGO. The only few missing cards here are The Power Nine ones, also known as P9. So, on this list is Black Lotus, Ancestral Recall, Time Walk, Mox Sapphire, Mox Jet, Mox Ruby, Mox Emerald, Mox Pearl and Timetwister. It gives us in total 9 cards from the very first Magic the Gathering sets what makes them very rare. They were printed only in Alpha, Beta and Unlimited set, meaning they were only printed from late 1993 to early 1994 and have never been reprinted through almost 20 years Magic history. Currently, all of the P9 cards are restricted in the Vintage tournament format and banned in Legacy. The Power Nine are considered to be among the best cards in the game. The acceleration, which Black Lotus or Mox grants, leads to extremely powerful plays much earlier than normal. As a result it makes them the most expensive cards which were released in regular set in MtG history. Developers couldn't have foreseen how overpowered cards they have created. However, we needed few sets more to find out this evident fact now

One day, the P9 will arrive online. Will they have the same mystique online? Will they be the most valuable cards in MTGO? Will they be cheap as other cards from Masters edition? How much would that hurt the Mystique?

In next part we will centre upon the possible ways of introducing these very rare and expensive cards on MtGO.

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