Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ten most owned MtGO cards

Basing on one of WotC articles the ten most owned MtGO cards are:

10. Rampant Growth
9. Giant Spider
8. Goblin Picker
7. Mind Rot
6. Gravedigger
5. Giant Growth
4. Lava Axe
3. Pacifism
2. Cancel
1. Naturalize

It is a nice succinct list of the most commmon common cards. We might observe a few regularities here. All these cards listed above were released in Editions. What is more all these cards were printed in several sets too. We can deduce these cards are the most difficult ones to sell. How many Naturalize cards do you have?

These days I cleaned up accounts and I have about 800 uncommon cards from different sets for sale, anyone intrested before I visit any random bulk bot?

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