Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Power Nine on MtGO, part 2

What are the possible ways of introducing the Power Nine on MtGO?

  • To release the P9 in MED 5. Although, the MED 5 is not confirmed to be ever released. However, it is the very first way that comes to my mind. In fact, there are not many remaining non-restricted vintage cards to choose from, so actually there are no worthwile cards to make a MED 5... unless MED 5 is a set full of reprints, but then why to put P9 in set full of reprints? MED 5 will be either good reprints or total bulk. WotC must somehow attract players to draft this set, if there are only already existing cards so P9 is really good way to do it. Anyway, P9 should be treated as mythic or even ultra mythic and this statement led me to second idea of introducing Power Nine on MtGO
  • Do you remember Zendikar set in paper Magic? In some packs we could find "treasure" card. Usually it was an old card from the first sets of Magic. In packs were cards, such as Black Lotus or Dual Lands. So the question is, why not to do it in proven way? Addionally,  it definitely would increase sales of any set where we can find such treasures. What is more, I think it will retain the mystique WotC is looking for- but what about the second criteria - the rarity. And we have another open question: how rare they should be. One is sure, it cannot be at same rate as it was in Zendikar packs.

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