Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gatecrash Pre-release tips!

The much anticipated set Gatecrash is finally here and boy am I excited,  Introducing 5 new mechanics Evolve, Cipher, Battalion, Blood rush, and Extort. In this article I will go over a few basic sealed deck strategies and point a few of the top commons and uncommon in the set.

Sealed deck tips:

1. You DON'T have to play your best card. Say for instance your guild is Simic (UG) and you open a Obzedat, Ghost Council in your regular packs, don't feel obligated to play it, most likely it will offset your mana curve.

2. Read the cards. Lots of times people make mistakes and play sorceries as instants not knowing or maybe knowingly. Angelic Edict is a sorcery but for 5 mana I could see someone easily trying to pull that as an instants.

3. Study the spoiler. The most important thing to remember from a spoiler is removal and playable tricks. If you take in account the opponents untapped land, colors they are playing  and play hesitation, you can quickly figure out what they maybe holding in their hand.

All and all have fun! Remember in the Pre-Release its an even playing field so following these 3 steps could give you that slight advantage to victory.

Below are my top 8 common and 5 uncommons to keep an eye out for in no particular order.


1.Boros Charm - So good!
2.Elusive Krasis - early blocker, late game winner.
3.Ghor-Clan Rampager - 4/4 tramper for 4 or a titanic growth your call.
4.One Thousand Lashes - not quite stab wounds but maybe better in some aspects.
5.Simic Fluxmage - Just seems good.

Don't get me wrong some of the charms and guildmages are much better, but I figured that was common sense.


1. Crocanura - reach is always good and one that grows is better.
2. Drakewing Krasis - meh!
3. Executioner's Swing - can kill almost anything in the set.
4. Grisly Spectacle - just good removal and could go with some deck themes
5. Mugging - there a ton of 2 and 1 toughness creatures in this set. plus cant block feature is great
6. Pit Fight - "FIGHT"
7. Prophetic Prism - cantrip, mana fixing.
8. Smite - "Sure, today of all days, he asked to borrow my boots!"

Good luck this weekend for paper magic players and good luck Modo players starting Feb. 9th.

Next post I will going over drafting tips for Gatecrash.

Modo Handle: Teamstoge

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