Sunday, January 6, 2013


This article will be about motivation. It is a crucial aspect of running business to be fully involved and absorbed in doing what you have to. Especially, old fogeys like me who are doing it for several years.

To be all the time motivated like it was your first day of botting. Do you remember this day? You made big plans, had big hopes and expectationes, saw first profits, but as the time went by you maybe dedicated less time to bots. For instance, updated prices less often.

In this job its imporant to be focused and don't neglect your duties. One month ago we experienced an unpleasant event connected with changing server by Albert. For sure, you did notice that after this break you had less trades than you had normally. It was caused by your absence and if a potential customer cannot get what they want to in this moment from your bot they will get it somewhere else. This situation demonstrates really well what would happen if you had updated your prices once per two days or updated your classifieds message just once a day or go for vacation.

The customer opens a trade with your bot and would like to buy a Snapcaster Mage, because he saw your ad on classifieds, but then he realized that there is no Snapcaster Mage in your collection, because you didn't update classified message. And if you don't have a will to do so now, stop it. Don't force yourself or face with a fact you will never be a successful botter. The conclusion is simple, the more often you pay attention to your bot, the better it is for your business. If you don't pay enough attention your regular customer will migrate to other botters, who are better than you. In this business there is no room for average botters. The competition is too big. Old, good v2 times gone where bots were not as popular as it is in v3. Unless small profits are satisfying you. Remember, providing the lowest prices won't make you number 1. It is all about repeating customers. CardBot has the highest prices, but all his bots are always busy.  Keep it in mind and tell me what are still doing here. Get back to your bot(s)

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