Sunday, January 20, 2013

MTGO Library Bot 5.57 is out

The new version of ML Bot, 5.57, contains many bug fixes and improvements.

First of all, the reading of the "You Get" / "You Give" columns is more reliable and avoids a common "scrolling problem" - a problem causing the bot to be unable to "scroll down" the columns (and thus read all the cards).

V 5.57 is also faster in replacing the Classified commands (such as #RTR_sell_>10#) in the advertisement messages. The replace is now 5 times faster, and this results in the bot posting the messages in less time.

Finally, ML Bot 5.57 marks all your "trade screenshots" with a timestamp in GMT+0 (see picture) to offer you an absolute time reference, even if your Windows Menu bar is minimized and the system clock is hidden.

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