Thursday, January 31, 2013

MTGO Library 5.61 is out

ML Bot 5.61 has just been released, fixing a problem with the 'buy' command in the Classified messages. In older versions, the 'buy' command (such as #RTR_buy_>8#) could lead to undesired results.

ML Bot 5.61 also introduced a new syntax for PersonalPercentages: the possibility to modify ENTIRE sets in a single line, rather than writing a line for each card of the set. Let's suppose you want to adjust all the rare cards of a set (say RTR) 5%: now you can write in PersonalPercentages.txt a line like:


You basically replace the cardname with one of the following 4 keywords:

  • RARE
The old syntax of course still holds

ZEN;Chandra Ablaze;+10%;+10%;-10%;-10%


  1. what happens if you do:
    ZEN;Chandra Ablaze;+10%;+10%;-10%;-10%
    ZEN;Mythic;+10% etc etc..

    Will add up or conflict?

  2. The commands will be applied sequentially, thus Chandra will get +10%, and then another +10%. If you want to correct Chandra +15%, for example, you should write:

    ZEN;Chandra Ablaze;+5%;+10%;-10%;-10%
    ZEN;Mythic;+10% etc etc..

    (for the mathematicians: not exactly +15%, but close to)

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  4. +5 then +10 would be + 115.5 .

    For anyone wondering how to set different pricings for standard and nonstandard for example you can do:

    Set all corrections on correction tab to non standard sets.

    Then set on personalpercentages the required adjust.

    for example if you have buy Regular Common correction -20% and wish to buy RTR Regular Commons at about +15% you will need to have personal percentages set like:


    This will endup in +16% ( 0.80*1.45 = 1.16)

    They are NOT additive (0.80+0.45= XXXXXX wrong)
    they are multiplicative.

  5. this means that if correction tab has -70% and you put correction of +80% you will not endup with "+10%" but with -46% instead. (0.30x1.80 = 0.54 = 54% = -46% correction)

  6. Exactly. Because "that" +80% is computed on a value that is 30% (-70%) of the original value.

  7. still using this long list...
    ISD;Abbey Griffin;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Avacynian Priest;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Bonds of Faith;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Chapel Geist;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Doomed Traveler;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Elder Cathar;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Feeling of Dread;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Ghostly Possession;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Moment of Heroism;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Selfless Cathar;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Silverchase Fox;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Smite the Monstrous;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Spare from Evil;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Thraben Purebloods;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Thraben Sentry;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Unruly Mob;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Urgent Exorcism;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Village Bell-Ringer;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Voiceless Spirit;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Armored Skaab;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Curse of the Bloody Tome;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Delver of Secrets;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Deranged Assistant;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Dream Twist;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Forbidden Alchemy;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Fortress Crab;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Frightful Delusion;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Hysterical Blindness;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Lost in the Mist;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    ISD;Makeshift Mauler;+20%;+20%;+80%;+80%
    etc etc

    need to convert to the new method :).. cant be bothered. lol