Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Float - a different approach...

Float is one of the most straight foward ways of making a profit with mtgo Bots. The more customers leave unused credit on your bot, the more you will profit for it, as you just got more cards than you paid for, or, got more Event tickets than the given cards are worth.
After a few months of running MTGO Bots you will find yourself in a situation where the combined float of all customers will be in the hundreds of dollars, maybe thousands.

Today I've tried something new, maybe stupid, maybe smart, only time will tell;
I've messaged every player/customer that had 0.25+ credit left on my bots and had his last trade with them between april and march.

What to expect!?
Thats what I will find out, but if I have to guess, maybe some of those stopped playing MTGO, some forgot about the credits and will just take whatever cards they can with it and hopefully, some will type "sell" to drop more cards into my bots or pick some big cards and drop more Event tickets in.

What do you think of this? good idea? or.. not really?...


  1. How is the experiment going?

  2. Hi Carlos,
    This is great customer service! Kudos to you and the BestDeal network. I think perhaps after I break 50 tix worth of left over credit I will attempt this. Please let me know how things work out!


  3. I haven't wrote all their names, so I Cannot be too precise about the consequences :)

  4. This is spamming, pure and simple. You should be reported for actions like this as they are clearly against the Code of Conduct.


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